Singapore Airport – Services

Singapore Changi Airport has a plenty of services in their 3 terminals for the amuse and comfort of the passengers while waiting for their flight.

Although you could think about current airport facilities such as cafés, restaurants, shops, duty free shops, resting rooms, etc. the truth Is that Changi Airport terminal services may bring you a new concept of entertainment never seen before in an airport complex.

Some of the services offered in all terminals are:
- Baby care room
- Baggage stores
- Business Centers
- Clinics and Pharmacies
- Convenience stores
- Free rest areas
- Ground Transport Concierge
- Free Wi-Fi connection
- Lost & Found baggage claim
- Money Changers
- Transit hotels
- Smoking areas
- Prayer rooms
- Post offices
- Information and customer service


There are several ATMs at Changi Airport distributed throughout the terminals:
- Terminal 1: ANZ, HSBC, UOB.
- Terminal 2: UOB, Citibank, HSBC Singapore, DBS, Citibank, Bank of China.
- Terminal 3: HSBC, State Bank of India, DBS, Bank of China.

Lost baggage

In Changi Airport we can find a couple of lost baggage agencies:
- Dnata Singapore
Contact number: +65 6723 1188
Operating hours: 24 hours
Contact number: +65 6224 4243
Operating hours: 7.00 am – 11.30 pm.

For lost luggage on board please contact with your airline or their handling agent. If your luggage was lost at any of the terminals, please contact Customer Service Office: (+65) 6595 6868.

Additional services

- Hotel reservation counters
- Shower & spa services
- Porter service
- Local SIM card purchase
- Beauty care

Free-to-use rest areas

Whenever you need to take a nap and rest, you can find free-to-use rest areas in each of the 3 Terminals:
- Terminal 1: Snooze Lounge at Transit East level 3
- Terminal 2: Sanctuary Lounge at Transit North Pier opp E5, Oasis Lounge at Transit North Pier Opp E11.
- Terminal 3: Snooze Lounge at Transit North Mezzanine.

Business Centers

Do you need to prepare an important meeting or simply send an email? Then come to any of Business Centers located throughout the airport terminals. They are open 24 hours daily, find yours at Transit Hotels:
- Terminal 1: Level 3 of Departure Transit Lounge East. Phone: +65 6542 5538
- Terminal 2: Level 3 of Departure Transit Lounge South. Phone: +65 6542 8122
- Terminal 3: Mezzanine level of Departure Transit Lounge North. Phone: +65 6507 9788

Entertainment Deck

In Terminal 2 there’s the Entertainment Deck, a place where passengers can play some video games, see movies, watch TV, eat some snacks, while waiting for their flight. Some of the services offered at Entertainment deck are: Xbox Kinect room, MTV booth, Movie theatre, Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 and café.
Location: Departure Transit Lounge Level 3 (next to Sunflower Garden).

Information and Customer Service

Missing some information? Need help? You can approach to the Information and Customer Service counters in each 3 terminals and ask for information, inquiries or for special needs (loan of wheelchairs and strollers).
Phone: +65 6595 6868

Family zones

Since an airport is a really hectic place for children, Changi Airport has habilitated baby rooms in each terminal and a Family Zone in Terminal 2. Baby rooms are full equipped with everything needed to take care of a baby. Services available: Diaper changing rooms and nursing rooms, as well as a playground and TV with cartoons.
Location: Departure Transit Lounge Level 2, opposite playground.

Prayer Rooms

Need to pray while waiting for your flight? Then you can come to any of the multi-confessional Prayer Rooms habilitated in all 3 terminals:
- Terminal 1: Arrival Hall West, Transit Area
- Terminal 2: Departure Transit Lounge North Level 2
- Terminal 3: Departure Transit Lounge South Level 2